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High-tech Home Security Tools

Home Security Made Easy – 5 Simple Devices That Work

Now, take that scenario and think about what would have happened if nobody was staying in the basement and they were to be gone a few more days. The damage could have been so much more extensive. That would be the case for most of us. Out of town, something happens and there isn’t anyone to make us aware of the situation until we get home.

Use a dog to your advantage. Having a dog around the house could be more of an useful Home Security tool than you might imagine. Even a criminal can be scared off by the sight of a dog’s bared teeth in the night. If you have been thinking about a pet for the family, it’s an excellent idea. Putting up a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign is also helpful. Also, if you have something against pets, buying a dog bark simulator would be the next best thing. The sound is often enough for a prowler to think about moving on.

Plan for safety. Have a family plan as to where you will go or what you will do in case of an unexpected emergency or problem. Talk about belongings in your household that you want to have extra protection for and how this can be achieved. If you don’t have a plan you may not know what to do in a worst case scenario.

As a way to permit highest utilization of your current DVR hard disk, the Lorex system is arranged to be activated when activity is discovered. Because of this the video cameras will document just the essential occasions. This protects you on your hard drive space. In addition, it saves you time as you should be able to view crucial or suspicious events only.

You will still be covered during a power outage. An alarm system has to be powered at all times, and that’s why it will be equipped with a battery backup. You’ll be still be protected for up to 24 hours during such an outage, and sometimes longer.

A more sophisticated option, is motion sensors. Motion sensors sense any type of motion within a certain radius to the sensor. When it senses motion, it immediately sends a signal out of the control panel that will inspect and see if the movement is suspicious. If the movement is really considered suspicious, It will react to the way you have it set and inform the proper authorities or sound alarm.

Locking the door is usually the first response. But where are you going to hide in your bedroom? Under the bed? In the closet? Behind the door, sit quietly? You have got to have a better plan than that. Your family deserves a fighting chance.

A holdup panic button is more for a business, but it certainly would not be a bad thing to have at your house in your bedroom or office. It is a tool that can be used to alert authorities should a problem arise.

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